A Sneak Peek of Snax – Our Upcoming Plugin for Frontend Submission

And one more thing…


We’ve been working hard for the past few months to bring you a truly amazing content sharing platform. We’re very excited to introduce you Snax Plugin – a remarkable frontend for snackable content (yes, that rhymes!).

Snax plugin flow
Snax plugin flow

As you can see there are multiple content formats to choose from:

  • Images.
  • Galleries.
  • Embeds – like YouTube videos, Instagram photos or Twitter statuses. Basically, everything you can embed in WordPress will work.
  • Open lists – where anyone can submit new list items and vote up for the best submission.

Registered users can vote up and down every content piece. Everything via dead-simple user interface.

Deep integration with BuddyPress

What would be a content sharing platform without user profiles and instant notifications, right? Here’s where BuddyPress comes into play. With over 200,000+ active installations, it’s the most popular social networking plugin, and Snax makes full use of it.

Social Login

Let’s just be honest, nobody wants to create another account anymore. That’s why, Snax is fully integrated with the WordPress Social Login plugin.

What’s next?

The plugin will be available exclusively at CodeCanyon in May 2016. But that’s not the end of good news…

Meet Bunchy – the Official Snax Theme

Bunchy Viral Theme

We take Snax very serious. And releasing the Official Snax Theme, is just another way of showing it. The theme will be available exclusively at ThemeForest in May/June 2016.

What about Bimber?

Bimber + Snax
Bimber + Snax

Our best selling WordPress viral theme will be soon updated to support Snax plugin, although the plugin itself will be sold separately. We really want to follow the “Start today, go viral today” slogan, and keep Bimber as simple as possible by default.

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